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Bombus Speedshop
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fredag 15 maj 2020


Even with NO activity in the shop something is going on.

Bought an engine to the rally Zündapp back in October 2019.

Of course the cheapest one and of course in parts.

Have wrenched a fair bit of Zündapp engines over the years, but this engine type I bought this time is the newer 314 type that I haven't ever wrenched.

No worries, have friends who can wrench them so with warm hand I gave this job to my mate Lars in my Zündapp team.

The seller said "it only missed one of two parts otherwise it's great".

Yeah right !!

Didn't take Lars many minutes to see it was far from complete.

Part for this engine are available but just NOS parts and they ain't cheap.

Lars helped me to keep an eye on eBay and parts came up, I bought them and now the renovation will continue.

How did it turn out??

Time will tell...

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