Bombus Speedshop

Bombus Speedshop

torsdag 17 januari 2019


The “walleiling” eller “ceilall” I went all in to say the least with this part
Here the ceiling “flows” down to the floor.

I made radius konsoles first and attached them, then the studs on both the wall and in the ceiling.

Then i mounted the wood to the studs and painted all the wood grey
Easy in theory, but SO much job.
But as I expected, it became great.

The rounded corner that I headed for became even better then I´ve hoped

Also quite happy how accurate i got the hole for the light in the ceiling.

Spot on !!

And the lamp I made of a work light I found in the house when we moved in became very cool.

And the finished piece

onsdag 12 december 2018

Moving up...

OK, so much for my statement a few months back, "I´m gonna race the Stock Class, just some easy RC racing just for relaxation".
Bought myself a GLR like "everybody else" have.
To bad there´s no other brands who have discovered the growing 1:28 class.

The RWD 1:28 chassi from GL Racing

måndag 10 december 2018

OSB wall...two of two

Next wall is not only twice as long, it have at least twice as many challenges.
First the cutting around the door.
Next is the pipe from the second floor.
I wanted to cover that pipe, but also have a  hole so i could reach the inspection lid
On top of that I had to struggle with radiator piping.
I made the decision to cover it all.
Mostly because there was not room enough between the pipes and the wall for the OSB board.
Made like a “box” over it all and made a hatch to reach the inspection lid.
Turned out great
Both the pipe from upstairs and the radiator pipes is suddenly gone.

måndag 3 december 2018


The bookshelf or maybe should I say BookChelf because I made it out of chains.
First I made shelves out of wood that I glued and screwed together to a solid piece.
Then I made four big holes in each of the five for the chains.
Marked the holes in the ceiling and mounted “hooks” there for the chains.
I put up the chains and then just slid up each shelf up the chains to desired height and put a bar through each pair of chains.
Easy in theory but really much job, but that's half the fun.

Glued two 150cm/5ft pieces together side by side. Put one bit on each end on the  underside and finally one all the way under.
Repeated this five times and then I had five sturdy, rustic shelves to my own wishes.

I then made four holes in each and put on a layer of semi-transparent gray paint to protect and further emphasize the rustic vibe i'm looking for .

Then I mounted four sturdy mounts in the ceiling and attached chains in them
Cut 6mm metal rods that I put through the chains and let the shelf rest on.
It turned out awesome and was worth the work

torsdag 8 november 2018

OSB of two

Speedshop development continues...
The decision to use the machine room as mancave was not really a change for the build.
The machine room should looked the same anyway and that's one of the reasons i changed the plan.
Simple as, it would be to nice as machine room.

First wall to tackle was the wall against the storage.
I bought OSB board and cut them in three 40cm strips each, much like wallpaper.
MUCH easier to handle such a strip than a whole boards, especially when there is lots of cutting involved.
The first wall is made of five strips.
 First strip up
Five strips cut, mounted and done

måndag 29 oktober 2018


Driving the Mini-Z is as much fun that I've hoped.
But the lack of adjustment on the OEM transmitter  became really apparent, so a another was located.
Found a Kyosho branded KO EX-5 on ebay in the UK for a fair price.
It felt brand new when I opened the box so i'm more than satisfied.
A whole lot of stuff to learn though.
All settings on my old Multiplex  EX-9 was analog, this is all digital on a display.
Quite steep learning curve but the guys at the track are super helpful.
The most important setting for me was the exponential steering and when I found that the car acted more liked I was used to.
The backside was how apparent it became how bad im at piloting a RC car.
So with a great car and radio, the excuses are over and it's up to me.

My dear, dear, now obsolete EX-9 that have been my trusty friend since the nineties.

The new kid on the block, the EX-5.


Bought myself a soda blaster.
Many reasons for this purchase, one of them was to remove worn out paint on otherwise OK bodies for the Mini-Z.
Works awesome……..IF you have a air compressor that delivers 10bar/145psi with free flow.
With my tiny compressor I only get about five !! seconds of 7-8bar.
Definitely not good enough, but I got some result tiny so I'm on the right path anyway.
But until my real big air compressor is up and running this have to wait.

The equipment

The SLOW, but really good result.