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fredag 15 maj 2020

Going Pro?

After a whole life as a real petrolhead I have gone through about all styles of vehicles as my favorite.

But over the years they fade but when it comes to cars two of them still shines brighter than all the others, Kustom and Pro Touring.

And as we can see, in the end Kustom came out with the victory in Bombus Speedshop.

But still I can't let the idea go with Pro Touring…

These styles are not exactly close to each other….but.

What is Pro Touring???

Old car with lots of go, turns great and capable of high speed as well.

Hmmm, where did such cars exist in the early fifties?

The answer: Carerra Panamerica.

Pro Kustom? Is that even a style?

Doesn't matter, now it is.

Should I go full Carerra Panamerica with the lettering, flags, numbers…?

Nope, exterior I think just a couple of tweaks will be enough.

16"-17" steelies (Nascar?) with medium sidewall, 4" Le Mans fuelcap, side exaust and leather hoodstraps.

Might be more, might be less, but those touches I really like.

And the rest?

Of course powertrain and handling will have some attention...later on.

Imagine old school cruising, curvy backroads and modern highway speeds mile after mile all together still with that classic Kustom look.

That's my optimal goal from now on.

Some nice touches

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