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tisdag 19 juli 2016

Registration inspection

The final inspection step is the registration inspection.
This time it's the government who will call the shots.
But with the solid SFRO documentation it's just a formal step.
Some measurements of the bike, weighing and a test drive.
Then all the official data went in to the computer system and out came a registration number.
And two days later the flat brown box with the actual plate arrived.
Smack that on the bike and a insurance was left before the maiden voyage.

The bike on the vehicle scale

The weight verdict was 200kg/440lbs

Back at the shop after registration

Two days later the number plate arrived

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  1. Tack för senast i Nääs! En fantastisk dokumentation du har gjort om ditt hoj bygge! Tog mig två timmar att läsa igenom allt.