Bombus Speedshop

Bombus Speedshop
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tisdag 19 juli 2016

Maiden voyage

The first day (July 18 2016) I put some miles on it to get the feel of it and sort things out.
I rode different places and different roads, both rural and urban.
It rides surprisingly smooth on the highway with the rigid rear end but urban riding with bumps, tram tracks and so ain't the nicest rides I've done.
But overall it turned out as I planned and expected.
Now I just I'm just gonna keep sort it out over the summer until the winter darkness strikes Sweden and the fluorescent light in the Speedshop is on for the winter.

First stop Thomas at Tekmo Service

Next stop Caveman Choppers

And in the evening a nice trip to the "Cars & Coffe" at Nääs outside town

And finally I could lock up the little beast in it´s cage back home
Today was a GOOD day !!

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