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lördag 25 april 2015

Throttle arrangement

To have a hardware adjusted idle and a good enough return spring something had to be made.
I took the return spring from a Buell throttlebody I had in the shop. But first I made a nylon bushing for the spring and shaft and then a bracket to hold the idle screw and stop screw for throttle travel.
Many templates of both cardboard and Pepsi can was made before I started with the real pieces. But soon enough I had some pieces I was satisfied with so I just welded them with the TIG. Drill holes, tap and some screws, some grinding and I had a throttle arrangement.

Buell return spring and home made bushing

Template time for the bracket

Bracket in the works

Welded and ready for some cosmetic grinding
( Yes, I was LOW on gas that day)

Final bracket

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