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onsdag 5 augusti 2020

Tank center console

A center console was something I really missed when I bought it so I thought I'd better do one. 

Have seen a number of ways to do this both live and pictures over the years. 

But the one idea that I've seen that stuck was using a gas tank from a motorcycle. 

In my case as a long time Zündapp nut I went with a KS50 tank from the 529 model. 

I got one with perfect patina from a buddy of mine.

II already done it over and over in my head so there was not so much thinking when doing it. 

But it was WAY more job with it than expected of course. 

Started with cutting the bottom out and cleaned up the edges. 

Then cutting hole for the cupholders and welded in a bracket on the inside to secure them. 

Then made another bracket to go under the gas cap to mount the twin USB outlet. 

Then carefully cut up the center part for my awesome Lokar Radical 32" Double Bend Shifter and made a plate out of aluminum where I punched the positions to put over. 

To mount it I saved material enough when I cut the bottom so I could do a mounting tab on each end. 

And to secure it I used a river nut in the transmission tunnel. 

I have the fuse central just in front and to access it I have to twist the whole console 90 degrees therefore the quick thumb screws. 

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