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onsdag 5 augusti 2020

Dripp, dripp

Suddenly this winter i discovered a l puddle of fluid on the floor under the front.
It was the (very old) radiator that finally gave up.
Just in the middle of the core?
Doesn't matter where, it must be fixed anyway.
I removed the radiator, found a number on it which lead me via Google that it was from a 60´s Mercedes Diesel.
Took it to the legends at “Herdbergs Kyl” with an eternity in the business.
I just entered the door and I heard “thats for an old Mercedes”...
Yep, they know radiators.
Had a chat with them if that radiator really was up for the job paired with my Smallblock.
Borderline, but I can upgrade the core when I change it he said.
Awesome! So now it will be three row core instead of two.
That gives almost 30% better cooling and of course it's not +50 years old.
And top of all, it is just to mount it back together with all the old hardware instead of fabrication that another Radiator require.
HUGE win

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