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torsdag 12 december 2019


My dear friend and supporter Kristian is a wizz with the pencils.
He have helped me many, times over the twenty five years!!! we have known each other.
He's awesome to take out the image in my head and enhance it.
The Chevy Kustom was no exception, I pitched him some ideas and out came these awesome visions.
Thanks Kristian, you're a rock!!

First vision he went all in with the Pro Touring look and double turbos, me like!

Second he toned it down a bit and added a paintjob from my desire.
black/silver/red are "my colors". I have had them many times over the years.
And classic scallops can't ever be wrong on a kustom.

Third is probably the closest what actually can happen for 2020.
I have to repaint my roof anyway so im thinking of just some tones apart from the rest of the body.
Darker or lighter aint decided yet.
This color I will also do scallops with, might almost not be visable.
And around the scallops there will be a distinct green pinstripe.
Also some classic pinstripe on the front of the hood and on the trunk in same green.

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