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måndag 4 november 2019

Winters is here

First days of November 2019 I jacked up the Chevy.
Its so low in the rear and the suspension is so soft so I needed four jackstands.
Two to support the rear axle and two for the frame.

When in the air I wanted to be a little more familiar with it and what the specs are.

First I spotted a tab attached on of the 10 bolts on the Chevy axle.
The tap said stuff about limited like.
Limited Slip
Tried the old trick to verify and just rotate the wheel and the other side turned the same way.

Yep, definetly no open diff.

Another thing I saw was of course the 4” drop with blocks and the tiny bump stop.

I´m aiming towards 3” blocks and maybe 1” bump stops next season

I also did som wheel turnin´to and got 2,¾ revs on the prop shaft for one turn on the wheel
So it's a fair assumption that I have a 2,73 rear end.

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