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torsdag 21 november 2019


Kustom cars doesnt come with clear spec sheets…
I have straightened some question marks already about the driveline,
but I still had questions.
The only fact I had was that my driveline was from a seventies Chevy Nova.
Quite generic which one?!?!
Took another dive the other day in the ocean of internet.
This time I found the excellent webpage Nova Recource
But even when I have read there and visited the Youtube channel I missed a lot.
I sent a mail to the webpage and got the most amazing help.
Thanks Scott !!
Those people make me believe in the world again
Big words, but that kindness to strangers is something we need more of.
Scott guided me through the Nova jungle so now I have a clear view of my drivetrain.
My front half have 1975-79 Nova subframe, same components also are used by 1970-81 Camaro.
My rear axle is a 10 bolt 8,5” and all of this are the parts that you want.
So in this case I´m the lucky one.

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