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måndag 3 december 2018


The bookshelf or maybe should I say BookChelf because I made it out of chains.
First I made shelves out of wood that I glued and screwed together to a solid piece.
Then I made four big holes in each of the five for the chains.
Marked the holes in the ceiling and mounted “hooks” there for the chains.
I put up the chains and then just slid up each shelf up the chains to desired height and put a bar through each pair of chains.
Easy in theory but really much job, but that's half the fun.

Glued two 150cm/5ft pieces together side by side. Put one bit on each end on the  underside and finally one all the way under.
Repeated this five times and then I had five sturdy, rustic shelves to my own wishes.

I then made four holes in each and put on a layer of semi-transparent gray paint to protect and further emphasize the rustic vibe i'm looking for .

Then I mounted four sturdy mounts in the ceiling and attached chains in them
Cut 6mm metal rods that I put through the chains and let the shelf rest on.
It turned out awesome and was worth the work

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