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måndag 29 oktober 2018


Driving the Mini-Z is as much fun that I've hoped.
But the lack of adjustment on the OEM transmitter  became really apparent, so a another was located.
Found a Kyosho branded KO EX-5 on ebay in the UK for a fair price.
It felt brand new when I opened the box so i'm more than satisfied.
A whole lot of stuff to learn though.
All settings on my old Multiplex  EX-9 was analog, this is all digital on a display.
Quite steep learning curve but the guys at the track are super helpful.
The most important setting for me was the exponential steering and when I found that the car acted more liked I was used to.
The backside was how apparent it became how bad im at piloting a RC car.
So with a great car and radio, the excuses are over and it's up to me.

My dear, dear, now obsolete EX-9 that have been my trusty friend since the nineties.

The new kid on the block, the EX-5.

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