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Bombus Speedshop
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tisdag 16 oktober 2018

The storage room

A baseline problem is always where to put all stuff.
And there's a LOT...
In the storage room my choice fell on four shelves.
Three regular and one for the corner.
They combined will give me over 20m/65ft of storage in my little room thats only
2x2 m/6,5x6,5 ft.
And still some space to spare.

There is of course plenty of space for shelves in both the garage and the machine room.
But I will minimize the use of shelves there and keep the majority of the stuff in the storage room.
Everything to “automate” the ability to keep everything organized and tidy.
So sick of the constant struggle to have a tidy shop.
If I can start this with base logistics for this purpose i'm glad and with 20m/65ft of shelves in a separate area I have a good start for this.
I will pair the new shelves with a bunch of new storage boxes from IKEA.
The see through kind for easy orientation when trying to find stuff.

About 50 IKEA "Samla" boxes wit lid will be a good cure for my storage problems.

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