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måndag 3 september 2018

Cleaning up

Bashing down a bit of a wall aint something done without a trace afterwards.
Ridiculous amount of dust from the diamond blade and lots of gravel from the rotary hammer going bezerk.
The big chunks ain't no problem except for the weight.
But all the other smaller remains…
I filled up 6 Wheelbarrows with dust and gravel.
I had a big hole in the ground at my property that I filled with all remains with the Wheelbarrow.
The fact that I have a Wheelbarrow with a flat tyre didn't help either.
It became another hard labour for the office desk klerk to drag, yes drag, the Wheelbarrow up the hill where the hole was.

The only thing left now is the big stones that I will take to the local waste recycling centre.

Filled up six of these

One down, five to go.

The big chunks

Big chunks and gravel

The flat tyre

Waaaay up there I took the gravel

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