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Bombus Speedshop
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måndag 27 augusti 2018

Painting the new shop

So now the building of Speedshop MkII has begun.
So good to have started this, have been so much stuff with higher priority first so this project have been low priority way to long.
First up was to empty the area, then spray paint and roller new white paint on the walls.
And after that black paint on the radiators.

The timeline after painting will be something like:
# Empty the garage from stuff – Done
# Painting walls – Done
# Painting radiators – Done
# Open up a door hole from the workshop to the future machine room – Work in progress
# Paint the floor in the workshop area
# Move all stuff from Speedshop MkI to the workshop area.
# Renovate floors in machine room and storage
# Shelfs in the storage room
# Move most stuff from workshop area to the storage…and machine room

It’s gonna be a long and twisty road with of course lots of changes in the plan.
But that’s the plan so far, the next step, the start of Workshop interior, workbench, chill zone, will be a later question.

Some pics from step one, painting workshop walls white.

A dream come true with this new garage,
just the ability to open up is so awesome

First empty the workshop area before paint

Masking off everything before spraypaint
The dark hole before painting started

Halfway there, one wall left.

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