Bombus Speedshop

Bombus Speedshop
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onsdag 11 april 2018


The updates from the shop are few and far between nowdays but sometimes the ordinary life makes itself visible and stops wrenchin' temporarily.
The renovation of the house is running great, just by the plan, but not all time is spent there.
Also som quality time planning Speedshop Mk II have have appeared lately.
Did a schematic sketch over my new hideout.
The shop will be divided in three parts. Machine room, storage and workshop/garage.
Machine room is for drillpress, lathe, grinders....
That part is also divided by a curtain to keep the dirty jobs in there.
Storage is what it sounds like, a storage room. So most parts, material, good-to-have stuff  etc. will have it's place here.
Also what it sounds like.
Both where the bikes are parked and where mechanical work is done.
In here it also will be a another retreat, the Bombus chill zone equipped with stuff like music, TV, magazines, books and appropriate cold and hot beverages.

And don't be surprised if the weather smiles towards us there can be both seating and BBQ outside the shop.

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