Bombus Speedshop

Bombus Speedshop
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tisdag 31 oktober 2017

New beginnings

December 2017 a new era begins not only for my family, but also for the now temporary snoozing Bombus Speedshop.

We will move to a house again and leave our beloved downtown apartment.
Our new place to call home from 1965 is a one owner!! two-story, Earth-sheltered brick house.
Total area is about. 266m²/2 863 square feet wich gives 133m²/1 430 square feet per floor.

Second floor is our everyday living space.
Ground floor is a big entrance, laundry room, future Speedshop MkII and an extra 29m²/312 square feet under ground living room with a fireplace......with HUGE mancave the future.

Speedshop MkII gonna be about 42m²/452 square feet and that's gonna be the main project after the living area upstairs is "done" and we have moved in.

The Speedshop gonna be a full up build, it's basically just empty area now.
And you can follow it all here during 2018....and further.

In here the Speedshop magic will a year or so.

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