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Bombus Speedshop
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lördag 12 augusti 2017

The awakening

My new love, the BMW K75.
This bike have given me a total new view of motorcycles this summer.
I've discovered that riding actually is fun, after spending the majority of my motorcycle time last decade wrenchin' in the shop this is really something different.
Last decade my riding have been minimal, if none at all, but with this piece of awesome engineering I just keep on driving and smiling.
But now when the dark cold part of the year is approaching fast of course the old me, the shop rat, awakens.
The plan is to keep all the BMW awesomeness, the flawless engineering and replace some of the outdated design.
The front and rear will have some massage but the center part stays stock.
Think this mod gonna take this gem from awesome to AWESOME.
Stay tuned..

But now there is still some warm, dry weather left here in Sweden so I will ride on until the florescent light is more appealing then the pale autumn sun...

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