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onsdag 30 augusti 2017

Temporary deflated

Rideouts are always great with the Motobrick.
Took a nice ride with my Triumph riding friend Bengt this weekend.
He told me it looked like I was low on air in the rear tire.
A while later when we passed Lasse at Deep Valley Workshop I stopped and borrowed some well needed air to my now way to deflated rear tire.
I also checked if I could se something causing this...and I did.
Of course there was a screw that had penetrated the tire.
But Lasse who always have a solution up his sleeve brought out a Emergency Puncture Repair Tire Strip.
Pulled the screw, cleaned the hole, in with the tire strip, new air in and the day went from bad to good again in matter of seconds !

Thanks Lasse !

The little bastard causing it.

In matter of seconds Lasse had fixed the leak.

Fixed !

After this we not only got a really nice day in the seat but also amazing scenic views at Marstrand and the annual floating boatshow there.

The always beautiful Marstrand

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