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torsdag 31 augusti 2017

On hold...

Have now made the decision to postpone the Zündapp project.
Will it never be done now ?!?
Of course, but the spark for this is so far away now and the Zündapp...and myself deserves a better final result than what I´m able to give it now if I tried.
But the status is actually not as bad as it looks, mainly paint, wiring and assembly left, but that's quite crucial steps of the build that I don't have the energy or spark for now.

The status for the Zündapp build now in august 2017.

Now I will have some weeks of in the shop, at least for wrenchin´.
I will clean up and prepare for the BMW K75 buid that I´m so exited about now.
Planning and hoarding stuff.
I´ve already bought a Harley V-Rod headlight and the supercool rear Cuts and aluminium sheetmetal for the  for the flyscreen and various small parts.

Some parts for the K75 so far.

And when the darkness hit Sweden for real in about a month or so I hope the spark and joy will be back for me.
But for now I will focus on filling up energy and just hang out with family and friends for a while.

Regarding the Zündapp build I will probably start with that when the BMW is ready, or at least almost ready.
So if everything goes well I will have TWO awesome Caferacers to ride next summer.

1 kommentar:

  1. Good decision man, the zundapp Will be rockin big time beasty-style when you get the spark back. But you're wise not rushing paintjob and assembly.
    Kan se att du hittar ett gött lugn och kraft ur det genom att leka lite med planering och design av BMW, men lite vila med familjen låter helt rätt!
    Peace and grace