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måndag 29 maj 2017

Reduced power output

A small step for man, a giant leap for the Bombus  K75.
Passed easy both reg inspection for 35kW and annual tech inspection without any issues.

The Official Power reduction to 35kW my friend Thomas helped me with as a authorized dyno operator for this certificate .
But before we started to fiddle with the power reduction we tested the full power output.

About 59 hp on the rear wheel correlates quite good with the stated 75hp on the crank back in 1992.

Just put a 5mm spacer between the airbox and the throttle linkage to achieve the 35kW.

So now it have 35kW on the crank and will be legal to drive even for younger generations.
So I think now I have worlds only K75 with 35kW.

In Sweden there are three levels of motorcycle licence.
A1, 16 years: max 125cc and 11kW
A2, 18 years: max 35kW
A, 24 years: unlimited
(You can also get the A licence two years after passing the lower A2 level.)

Next up, much ridin´and some wrenchin.
Wrenchin´gonna result in a small flyscreen of alu over the headlight.

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