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torsdag 18 maj 2017


A new era has begun for Bombus Speedshop, the BMW era.
Finally I have K75 that I've wanted for so long.

Feast your eyes on this ridiculously over dressed but immaculate thing from the nineties in "Classic Black Metallic" Color Scheme. But it´s not really black, more like very, very dark green metallic
But feast on it NOW, because very soon this new project gonna be stripped and agile like never before.
Originally a K75S  from 1992 with Pichler fairing and BMW bags, Peltor intercom, Panasonic cassette player and Secar alarm system.
It have just 32000km/19900 miles on the clock, almost not broken in if you talk BMW language.
Those machines are normally +150000km/100000 miles at this age.

First up, stripping bags, fairing and electronics.
Next up, 7" headlamp and general maintenance.

The very big second thing that made me bought this, my son wants to take his motorcycle licence.
And because his young age the power limit is 35kW so a decrease in power must be taken care of and then to be certified by the technical inspection.
35kW might sound like little but its almost 50hp in a 200 kg bike.
That's just a little less then what i have in the Sportster build and that one roars like hell.

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