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lördag 11 mars 2017


Next up, the seat.
When the cuts was done I could measure the seat pan.
First a cardboard template that I transferred to sheetmetal.
Some bending to get the same shape like the cuts and then I drilled 8 !!! holes to mount it.
Eight? Yes, to get a snug fit I used eight.
Then welded nuts on it before I covered it with foam.
First one layer of Sleeping Pad and then one layer of Rebond Foam.
Shaped it to a nice appearance and then off to Paul at Bullit Leather to get it upholstered with black Leather which again was kindly donated by my friend Viking Choppers.
This time I went for a classic "diamond stitch" pattern.
But I also got an idea to challenge Paul a bit, stich the Zündapp logo in the leather.
A challenge he passed easy with the highest grade.
Then home and making a testfit and it turned out awesome.
Upholstery is one of the few things I don't do.
The end result when true craftsmen do their trade are unbeatable.

 Template and some cutting

 Cut, bent and nuts welded

 First layer, Sleping Pad

 Second layer, Rebond Foam

 A sneak peak in the making I got from Paul

 Done and mounted

Will be a nice pair with the "tank cuts"

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