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Bombus Speedshop
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fredag 20 januari 2017


Another thing that gave me a a hard time was what throttle assembly to use.
Same Swedish "Eksjö" throttle I have on the Speedster build, maybe an internal throttle or the one with unknown origin that I've used for many years.

Finally the choice fell on the old throttle.
I got that one from my dear friend Jacob R.I.P. and now when he's gone for good it have a big sentimental value for me.
This way a part of his memory can always be with me when I ride.

Went berserk with file and moto tool to give it a more appealing look.
Don't know if i managed but at least Jacob rides with me all the time.
The stuff under are the sticklock assembly, but more about that later.

Me and Jacob back in the day doing what we did best.
DAMN I miss that little fucker !!

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