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tisdag 13 december 2016

Recreation activities abroad

Life ain't just speedshop time for Bombus.
Some inspiration and other types of fun than fabrication is a must now and then.

Fairs are the single most fun and inspirational to do for a laugh seeking gearhead like me.
This time the trip went to Germany for the Custombike Show in Bad Salzuflen.
"The worlds largest exhibition for modified motorcycles" and big it was.

Not only that, we also got to catch up with two great friends, NPJ Design and iammrpartridge.So awesome to see these great guys again.
NPJ Design we didn't just met we also hang out in his awesome booth and the super cool Kriedler bikes. The want is strong these bikes!

Some random pics from the weekend.
There was a live "biker build off" at the fair, Germany vs France.
No shocker that the German bike won.
But this is the awesome French bike by EMD

Billet parts for the EMD bike waiting for assembly

And I put my mark on the EMD build

Our hotel the Kurpark-Hotel

A BIG guy 

Amazing café bikes from Mellow motorcycles

Environmental friendly build

Cool Ironhead café build

The official Custombike party

Harley custom

UCC´s amazing BMW build

More or less dressed chicks all over the fair

There was no shortage of extreme Harley builds 

A cool build in the LOUIS booth

We had the best weather

 A supercustom and probably superexpensive open belt trans for Sportster from NHPower

 NPJ Design´s AWESOME booth with the supercool Kriedler bikes.

NPJ Design´s new build. Cant wait to see how cool this gonna turn out.

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