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fredag 18 november 2016

Smooth Rollin'

Both hubs was in desperate need of new bearings.
Rear because they were just old and rusty.
The OEM Zündapp/Marzocchi front axle have larger diameter than the donor bike so the old bearings had to go there as well.

For the rear I bought SKF local of the shelf.
But in the front I had to go abroad because of the odd bearing size needed.
I found a OEM Suzuki bearing from Koyo in the UK with the new specs needed for the conversion.

To remove the old bearings I just welded a nut to the old bearing and used a slide hammer and out they came.

In the rear it was just a replacement job.
But in the front I also had to machine the center spacer between the bearings from 15mm to 17mm.
And after that it was a straight forward job even in the front.

Next up was the spacer.

I machined the old OEM Zündapp brass spacer to the new measurements and suddenly I had a Yamaha brake hub in a Zündapp/Marzocchi fork.

Next up, fork deconstruction to give the triple tree and legs some massage and shine....

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