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måndag 7 november 2016

New wheels for the Zündapp

This will probably be a series of posts about the creating these wheels.
One of my most neglected vehicles for sure is the Zündapp.
My beloved lightweight bike.
A regular 30 km/h moped converted and registered as a motorcycle back in 2003.
Upgraded from original 1hp, 3 speed & 50cc  to 70cc, 5 speed engine, KS125 fork to name a few, but since then just minor focus in the shop.
But in my head and heart the Zündapp have always been number one.
I have even tattooed the Zündapp logo on my shoulder.

The goal have always been a bit away from the original look but still with Zündapp parts.
But for the past time it have been more focus to make a caféracer of it.
Over the years I have gathered parts for this build so many things are already on the shelf in the shop ready for next step.

The first thing to take the next step are the wheels.
Hubs was already arranged, the small OEM Zündapp hub in the rear and a big Yamaha drum with unknown origin in the front.

Hub size comparison, OEM hub vs the new Yamaha drum

Rims and spokes was something that I didn't had so a set of 18"x1,85" Borrani Record replicas was bought from Italy and the hunt for spokes begun.

Something like this will it turn out.

To find spokes is no big deal, but in what length? That's the real head scratcher.
First a mock-up with a set of old Zündapp spokes.
In the front the length was enough to make a measurement but in the rear I had to come up with something else to measure.
So I had to raid my kids old party equipment to get some straw's to extend the spokes and voilà I had the rear lengths as well.

Mock up with the straws

Next up:
# Order spokes and nipples
# Mock up the front drum on the bike
# Lace the wheels
# Buy and mount tires and put on the bike

To be continued...

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