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måndag 14 november 2016

Beefing up the Zündapp frame

Another frame mod that I actually did four years ago was to beef up the swingarm pivot point.
The change is to the new type from the newer Zündapp model.
The swingarm axle diameter is increased from 10 to 14mm.
I have a friend who did this way back so I was keen to try it myself on my ride.
Have no idea how he did but this is how I did it.

This was now possible because I just bought the TIG welder at the time.
So a newer Zündapp "529" frame was bought and butchered up and my older Zündapp "517" frame was cut to accept that piece.
But before any cutting on the old frame could be done a fixture was fabricated to maintain everything straight and on the same position.
When the fixture was made I just had to cut it and increase the swingarm mounting hole from 10 to 14mm and slide the beefy part into place and secure it to the fixture before the TIG was fired up.

Fixture done and the "517" frame ready for cut.

Old "517" frame cut and trimmed to accept the new "529" frame part.

The new "529" swingarm mount testfitted.

The new "529" piece part of the old "517 frame.

Here is the lower M10 fixation point enlarged with the beefier M14 rod.
Just some nice welds and the job is done

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