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onsdag 12 oktober 2016

Side bag

To keep the adrenaline on a healthy level when ridin´ I have filled up the side bag with some goodies.
Just so I know that if the little bike wants to give me some attitude I can fight back.
Tool roll, puncture spray, 1 liter fuel, box with nuts n´bolts, mechanic gloves, zip ties, a fresh towel and a padlock.
A good baseline for taking care of roadside mishaps....IF they occur.
But so far it have been a smooth ride but you never know when vehicle puberty kicks in and make your life a hassle.

The side bag ingredients

The bag itself is a old OEM Harley bag that I bought on a swapmeet some years ago.
It was in a really bad shape, disgusting areas with mold, hard as wood and some missing seams.
But a thorough cleanup and LOTS of leather grease took it back to life again.
The missing seams i replaced and after some time I had a really nice side bag.

The side bag itself

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