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Bombus Speedshop
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söndag 25 september 2016


I'm practically addicted to YouTube and spend a reasonable good time there.
There's so much great to see there and therefore I'm quite inspired to make my own clips.
I've done two so far, one back in 2014 and one just now.
I subscribe to about +200 YouTube channels and of those about a ten that I really look forward to seeing new stuff from.
Some favorites are:
Roadkill, Hot Rod Garage, Mighty Car Mods, Slingshot Channel, Unbox Therapy, Finnegan's Garage, Flite Test, Jay Leno's Garage, Marques Brownlee, Petrolicious, Revival Cycles, Rotor Riot and many, many more.

My last attempt of video making. 
Surprised it turned out so well actually considered I spent about three minutes on the filming and an hour or so in the TV sofa editing.
The music turned out really peppy but so is the Speedster itself so it matches quite well.

The first attempt was made back in spring 2014. 

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