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torsdag 14 april 2016

Seat, part two

Then some sort of device to secure the seat to the frame.
My choice was to use two hooks that went under the cross member in the front under the seat.
And in the back I use a kind of heavy duty "Velcro" from 3M called "Dual Lock™".
Next up was shaping, first bend the edges and then trimming the outline.
To simulate the thickness of the leather I put three layers of duct tape on the frame.
After that, the foam.
Glued the rebond foam to the pan, and then shaped it with a regular wood rasp.
Not the fastest way but with very much control unlike when you use something like a angle grinder.
And when I was satisfied with the shape I left it to Bullit Leather to cover it in black leather.
Bullit Leather is a local upholstery shop near my garage.
Always nice to support local businesses when possible.

The hooks to secure the seat in the front.

Glue the pieces of foam together on the pan.
Between the seat and frame I put three layers of Duct Tape to simulate the thickness of the leather

First some rough shaping with a knife

And the final result ready for the local upholstery shop, Bullit Leather.

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