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måndag 4 april 2016

Licence plate mount

One of those small easy to forget things that still is vital for the final build.
Some brainstorming and I went to action.
I took a bit of steel bar and some sheet metal.
Draw the outline of a licence plate, a LED light and a E-marked red reflector.
Both light and reflector are mandatory to be road legal.
After drawing the outline it just took a while with the angle grinder and file to get the plate mount ready.
Next up was the mounting bar.
Drilled a hole in one end and then bend the other end.
Some reinforcing in the bend and then weld the bar and the plate mount together, some paint, attach light/reflector and VIOLA!
The license plate mount was done.

The start pieces.

Some measurements, cuts and a bend later

Mockup with magnets to keep it together.
Still without the reinforcment welded in the bend.

Weld them together

And the final piece from the front with some black paint on.

And from rear without the licence plate but with blue tape instead to see the shape,
Haven't got the licence plate yet. It will take a while more until I´m there...

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