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lördag 12 mars 2016

VIN number

A thing I have dreaded for a while now, punching the VIN number.
Now it was for real, no errors allowed.
Target for this was left side of the rear motor mount.
The motor mount plate is 10mm thick and my punches are made of 8x8 mm square bits with 6 mm symbols.
Made lot of thoughts how to do it and I came up with a idea.
I made "walls" out of 1 mm sheet metal, folded it double on one side and then clamped them on the motormount.
By doing this I got a 8 mm ditch where I could squeeze down the punches and this gave me great support sideways.
The job took a while and required lots of adrenaline and sweat but it turned out great in the end.

My 6 mm punches I used and the supports I made of 1 mm sheetmetal folded double on one side.
The target area, left side of the rear motormount.

The supported clamped down and first symbol ready for some beating.

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