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torsdag 24 mars 2016

Rear fender

Hard to do temporary stuff when it still have to look reasonable and have a good function. 
The rear fender is one of those things right now, 
I don't trust it much to rescue me from the hard and unfair amounts of rain that often decorates the roads here in Sweden. 
So for now I went for the tiny fender I had. 
First some bondo and sanding to make it at least OK before I showered some layers with black paint over it. 
Next step was new to me, vinyl wrapping. 
I bought a "sticker bomb" vinyl sheet at eBay for this purpose. 
Slow and with determination I started with the task.
WOW, what a shitty vinyl wrap that was. 
I'm no stranger to crappy Chinese stuff from eBay, but this was really another level of crap. 
I went for it anyway and after a while I had a sticker bomb fender that actually looks OK.
Or as a wise man stated: "Good looking from far, but far from good looking"
Caught by the moment I continued with the air cleaner insert, and that turned out really god as well.
The black fender and the stickerbomb vinyl sheet when
I still was happily unaware of the nightmare to come

Wrapping in full swing

And the result. From a distance it actually looks really good.
Most of the fender will be covered by the seat anyway.

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