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tisdag 23 februari 2016

Tech inspection one

A HUGE step on my path of building my bike have passed !
Tech inspection one went according to plan. Seems like I've made wise choice's and got help and info from experienced people along the way but off course because also a great dialog with the tech inspector. I had several of solutions I wanted to discuss and it went great, now I have enough good input to continue the build to the end. I will also keep in contact with the tech inspector if (when) I get in to issues along the way.
Maybe the biggest issue I had was the one with the turbos.
But we decided that I finish the bike first and does the final inspection with stock 1200 engine and next(?) year I will do a upgrade.
A much smaller procedure then the one I'm doing now.
And also there will most definitely be enough issues along the way even without the turbo/EFI install so I will do than nice and easy next winter.

But first up, deconstruction again...

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