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lördag 26 december 2015

Steering damper

Years ago I bought a used Öhlins steering damper and initial thought was to put it on the Shovelbagger. But it had quite weird dimensions so it continued it's life hanging on the wall in the speedshop.
So the other day I tried it on Cosmic Dreamer and this time I had a match.
But to avoid flimsy screw-on brackets I made a real weld on bracket instead.

The steering damper before it found a new home on the Cosmic Dreamer. 

First cut bit of my old trusty friend Mr square tubing. 

Then add a bit of extra metal on the inside to make enough thread. 

Positioning and testfit with a hose clamp.

And tacked in to place ready for final weld when I take the bike completely apart soon. 

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