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Bombus Speedshop
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söndag 6 december 2015

Project thoughts

Mind wonder when projects develops.....
I have quite a good pace in the speedshop but with all my plans there will take way to much time to get it on the road.
Thought's about getting it road ready first and do upgrades winters to come instead.
So first it will be without turbo and with the trusty CV carb and the plan is to just get a registration and get some miles before the project continues.
Just to get a registration is a huge journey anyway with at least two technical inspections first.
One soon, early 2016?  where the main construction, welds, solutions, materials eg. are checked on a non functional bike.
And then when the bike is ready with all fuel, electrics, seat... yes everything, then it´s time for final inspection.
When that's OK there there is just the registration inspection left and after that you have a vehicle you built yourself.

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