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tisdag 30 juni 2015

The other HD...

My other project I have is a custom Sportster build.
This project is over a decade old but it got my attention again when I finally got my hands on an engine.
But just as the project re-started it had to stand back again last winter when the Megasquirt EFI conversion of the shovelhead suddenly started.
But this year it's just small upgrades in pipeline for the shovelbagger so from now on the girlybike will have the attention it deserves.
This bike is basicly just a tiny frame and and a Sportster engine.
But why a tiny girlybike for a 300 lbs, 6' 3" guy?
Why not? If it is reasonable there is no future for a project in Bombus Speedshop.

I think this is a good base for a never ending project.
This bike is way to small for me but will be a nice complement to my big bagger.
The plan is wild and will have a high tech level.
Way to high for a build like this, but that's half the fun.
Think A to B Hot Rod is a good description. "built to handle nothing".
To much is the key to long projects, and long projects is the ones I likes best.
In the end this small gem will have both Megasquirt EFI and turbos. Yep, plural.

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