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lördag 20 juni 2015


As I mentioned earlier I can log the EFI system with a PC and not just standing still.
I can also "autotune" while driving.
Not so challenging task in a car but on a bike there's another matter.
I made a mount on the tank where I mount my PC, a 10" mini laptop.
The mount is made with a special Velcro® and have three mounting points.
Started with two but I added another for more rigidity after a while.
It's just a 10" laptop, but there is still a challenge but that's a part of the thrill.
I started with a "regular" laptop but that one decided to crash just before the first start.
This resulted in the project went to full blown computer project due to the fact that all EFI files was on that computer. So I had to shift focus and try to get those files out.
I had success with the file rescue and a search for another laptop begun.
The first one was kindly donated by my friend Wiking Cycles and he rescued me again with the mini laptop I have now.

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