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söndag 19 april 2015

The seat

Another project this winter is a new seat.
Made the seat pan from scratch couple winters ago but the stroke and other projects have made this a low priority project.
But this winter it looks like the seat will be reality.
First some base shaping of the seatpan, then glue the foam to the pan, shape it and finally cover it.
Sounds easy and theory.
But everything is done besides cover it and it looks like this time I'm not doing it myself.
Hate to depend on others, like to do all my stuff by myself.
But this time it might be a exception.

Here is the raw seat pan I made from scratch with fiberglass and epoxy.

I had to modify the rear mount for clearance and I also put permanent metal threads for the mounting hardware.

Front mounting hardware

Shaped seat foam

I glued the foam to the pan and used tape to fixate when the glue cured.
Then some shaping and it turned out nice I think.
Ready for vinyl or leather cover.

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