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Bombus Speedshop
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lördag 14 mars 2015


A fairytale with so many stages.
This long petroleum supply story began when I first saw a picture of the amazing looking long intake for the Shovelhead. I instantly fell in love ! Then the almost never ending story with the Dellorto dominated my driving and Speedshop time. This money consuming project went from dream to almost a nightmare. After so much money and time I had a bike that didn't run under 2000 rpm and not over 3000 rpm. Driving it was truly a challenge.
Without all the help from Matt at Eurocarbs this have journey had been a disaster from day one but there I got help and comforting words and parts  many, many, many, many  times.
But the mighty Dellorto got the last word, the Dellorto(this?) don't want to feed a Harley engine, Period!!

Thoughts about EFI begun way before this nightmare, but really took off when I found a pair of vintage Tecalamite Jackson mechanical throttle bodies at eBay.
The nice thing with those throttle bodies is that they are direct replacement to Dellorto/Weber/Solex carbs and this solves many installation problems. And I can still keep the mighty look I fell in love with in the first place with this application.
And the saga begun for real when I opened the box...

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