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onsdag 18 mars 2015

MAP sensor connection

Next part to get a ride in to the new century was the long vintage intake manifold. To handle petroleum/air mixture post Y2K there must be a air nipple to connect the hose from the MAP sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure) in the manifold.
A dedicated spot in the manifold did the job easier.
The manifold ready for conversion

Followed by drilling and threading

And the final job ready to go back on the bike

A previous job to the manifold was exposed when it was dismounted. 
The top mounting thread was gone when I bought the old intake. 
I made a thick steel plate and bolted to the intake and then made a new thread all the way through both the new fresh steel and in to the vintage cast aluminum. 
So now the old intake can live on for many more years. 

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