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lördag 28 mars 2015

EFI cave

To solve the issue with a dry, safe place for all new electronic gadgets that comes with Electronic Fuel Injection something had to be done.
The non used greasy, dirty space under the seat became my target for this.
I had to fabricate a "front wall" and a "floor" to make it suitable.
The "floor" was needed to protect from the smudge from the chain and to mount the MAP sensor. The "front wall" to avoid engine heat and road dirt and to mount relays and fusebox.
The ECU found its place on the inside of the OEM plate for fuses and connectors.
Down in the bottom of the cable cave I fitted the fuel pump. The V shaped cross member between the frame rails was after some hard massage a perfect place for the fuel pump.
A very snug, but big enough place.
But more about the fuel pump/fuel system later.

Testfit of the ECU,  "floor" and "wall"

Fuel pump wired for test and plumbed ready 
to get some hose clamps and get mounted.

The gadgets in their final positions 
with the fuel pump in the bottom.  

The "cave" wired and pump running for the first time 

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