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måndag 13 januari 2014

Beltdrive issues + dogcage...

The beltdrive circus took of just as the parts landed here in Sweden.
But when I first mounted the new goodies distaster occured.
The belt was to short, or at least that was the outcome.
After talking to my friends who have been wrenchin Harleys since the seventies the common answer was that aftermarket parts are only so you don't had to develop the whole thing but the last bit is all up to you.
Hmmm, was it really this bad? Of Course it was. But thats half the fun.
As the quote goes "If It Was Easy Everyone Would Do It".
Meassurement begun big style.
The 130 belt was waaaay to short and almost snapped the axels when I mounted it.
Next step in belts was 132 and with this it was waaaay to long.
So after some mails to BDL the nice people sent me a new motor pulley that is .020 undersize.
The project now is to reassemble it all with the new pulley and hope for the best.

But something that halted this project was arriving of a small puppy in our family.
The new little dog had to ride the car with style so the mammoth job of making a dog cage begun.
Have been working with this cage now on and of for two months and now finally I see the end of it.
So soon the belt/pulley problem solving would start again.

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