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onsdag 30 oktober 2013

The sixth winter (12/13)

The sixt winter ended a little different.
March 14 2013 I got a stroke that didn't affected the winter so much as me and my familys life.
Happy to say is that I got some riding done in the autum.
A stroke is often the end of riding for good. Even if my stroke started out pretty bad with no speak and almost paralyzed left side including my left eye I recovered quick after my brain surgery where they removed three clots.
But It ended well (so far) and I'm recovering strong and hopefully I will be back at work in beginning of 2014.

This winter became not so active as I planned. My time in the mancave was mostly filled with coffe and laughter. Not a bad complement to wrenching but the Shovel bagger got a little neglected for sure.
Main jobs was to remount the Dellorto carb again and finally get it running properly. The autum before it ran like a dream with the CV but when I felt stable enough for a bagger ride the mighty Shovelhead sounded a little sick. First I thougt it was the Dellorto causing the problem but I realized soon it was much worse problems involved.

# Valve seat
# Dellorto dynorun

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