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Bombus Speedshop
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söndag 13 oktober 2013

The purchase

I bought my dream bike from a Harley dealer who had got it as a trade-in for a new bagger.

Me and the ol' lady took a trip there with the car for an optical inspection what it looked like.
The bike was in a pretty bad shape with lots of oil and dirt, it had also been parked outside mostly.
But that didn't scare me at all, and it made the price more right.
The tire tread wasn't even legal so I was also offered two new sticky tires for free if I bought the bike.

So on a sunny Saturday in august I took my new hobby for a drive for the first time.
But it was a quite bad start the bike gave me, the engine had no idle at all and the drivability was really poor.
Well back at the dealer I borrowed some tools and got a set of new sparkplugs. I changed them quick and fired it up again.
(Yes, when you buy that kind of bike from a Harley dealer you supposed to do the wrenching yourself. *Hehe*)
Now there was different sound from the mighty AMF power plant.
Some signatures later we could put the new tires in the trunk of the car and home we went, but this time with two vehicles.

The story begun like this:

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