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tisdag 29 oktober 2013

The oilproblem

The summer 2009 after the engine overhaul was a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
But the big problem was a serious oil spill when running.
I layed down under the bike sooooo many times during this summer to locate.
The problem was that the amount of oil pouring out and spreading under the bike.
Because of this it was so hard to locate its origin.

The oilproblem when it still was totally out of control
(this much dripp just standing still at idle)

But I saw it came somewere by the oilpump.
So the first thing to wrench was to remove the oilpump again.
I disassembled the pump and took care of the gasket surfaces.
Very fine wet sandpaper on a sheet of thick glass and slowly start even the surfaces.
And it was some areas that didn't was completly flat but nothing extreme.
The pump went back on the bike again together with new quality gaskets.
And than...? Same result.

Under the completly clean underside again and this time I saw something.
The pour came from behind the pump, between the block and the pump.
Of with the pump again.
It is wery tight between the block and pump so it was hard to see when on the ground looking upp.
But finally with the pump on the bench again I saw a plugged hole with bolt and copper gasket and this was lose.
Sooooo good to have found the problem.
Tight that bolt to specs, and back on the bike....finally dry.

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