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tisdag 29 oktober 2013


The year before I bought a used seat from England at eBay.
The idea was to take off the "leather" and reshape the foam to something that looked something like a Harley "badlander" seat. I have done this on my previous Harley FXR with very good result,
but this time I had to put in more time, effort and $$ to get some result. The plastic seat pan was way too wide to fit so I had to do a pan in fiberglass from scratch anyway.
The plastic seat pan was cut and redone so it could work as a mould, then I covered it with fiberglass and epoxy.
This pan was then reshaped together with the foam and then re covered with some good looking "leather look" black vinyl.
The result became decent but not perfect, but it was good enough for a while.
Next time I will do a pure custom seat pan with the frame, tank and rear fender as a mould.

The ugly stock seat with driving position way forward to suit my length and taste

New seatpan in the making

The new version, not perfect but good for now.

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