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tisdag 29 oktober 2013

New carb

One day I saw a picture of a Dellorto DHLA two throat carb mounted on a long intake and I was hooked !!
I soon found an old intake on eBay and when I got it home I started by de-chrome the dodgy chrome and then did some hard time by the polish wheel and eventually it got a new shiny life.

The carb hunt was up next, after a while I found one in a really bad shape that i got for a bargain.
It didn’t matter because I was to rebuild it completely so I went for it.
First stripped it down completely and then some glass blaster before it got all shiny inside bits and fresh gaskets.
Really expensive in the end but when I saw it mounted on the FLT together with the awesome shiny intake and the huge K&N filter with velocity stacks hidden under it was worth every penny I can guarantee.

The new carb adventure started with this mess...

...and ended like this, maybe the most awesome Harley carb setup in the history

And to get all hardware together became the easy part when looking back at this project.
Next step was o get it dialed in properly, not the easiest task I discovered.

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